Sam Christianos: Tow-headed lusty lover of all things feminine. Former college pot dealer with Eric.  Now the Norma Jeane Mortenson Professor of Women's Studies in Media at the UW.  Favorite beverage is whatever she's having. From Waukesha.



Eric Macdonald: Also Known As (A.K.A.) "Jimmy Lawrence". Bug-eyed psychopath with nothing left to lose. Last known whereabouts are in the vicinity of I-90. Has an unnaturally fast recovery time from narcotics, alcohol, and public humiliation. Favorite beverage is Popcorn Sutton's 100 Proof Tennessee White Whiskey (tax exempt version). From the Northwoods.



Tona Zehm: College Republican and sometime FOX commenter in a past life, now significantly older and wiser. Alumni of Bob Jones University and the United States Army. Names her firearms, of which she would have more of except they seem to keep getting stolen. Complex like her preferred beverage: the Leinie's Honey Berry. Also from the Northwoods.



Sonja Semianovna: A.K.A. Katya.


2002 UW Class Picture: The main characters in their college days.


There are other characters but they are all cannon fodder; don't get too attached.